Month: January 2014

Atmos vs. Linen

Two classics from 2001, infamous to so many footwear aficionado’s and considered grails to AF1 Junkies.  The Atmos Air Force 1 and the Linen Air Force 1.   Both scream materials, colorways & thought when observing the overall design.


The Atmos Air Force 1 was one of the earlier collaborations between Nike & Atmos.  A rich navy and grey cover the upper and a shady green insole lays within.  Such a great colorway and reminded many of the Georgetown Hoyas.  The leather is in a league of its own.  Even upon its release it was extremely exclusive and was well sought out by collectors.  The shoe 13 years later is still just as amazing.

The Linen Air Force 1 is typically touted as the “ultimate” colorways of any shoe and is considered to be Air Force 1’s best representor.  It boasts an impeccable linen upper and a atmosphere pink (funny that’s the color-name considering..).  Its color-blocking at its finest and looks clean no matter what time of the year it is.  The Satin liner feels like a butter cushion, the shoe just feels royal on the foot.

So let the debate begin.. what’s your weapon of choice?  Regardless of what you choose, you’re choosing from the elite.


I believe.

I have seen these shoes for years, and I have passed on them so many times.  It wasn’t till a friend from the UK picked up a pair and took some details shots that I started admiring the pair.  Not typically a fan of all-white shoes, but these in person are really fresh.  They were released  in 2002 as Nike’s Year of the Horse release.

It has this pearly upper and has an interior dressed by some sort of red satin.  This sits above a lacquered outsole and has “I Believe” embroidered on its heel as well as the face of Daruma.  For those who don’t know, Daruma is the shortened name of Bodhidharma.. a Buddhist Monk who is considered the father of Zen Buddhism.  A lot of nice details.  I’m glad I pulled the trigger on them finally, a great add to the collection.



Originally these were known as the “Dragon” Air Force and was limited to sales only in Asia.  They were eventually released within the widely acclaimed 1World Pack.  This pair was designed by former Boston Redsox ace, Japanese born Daisuke “Dice K” Matsuzaka.  They’re more commonly known simply as Dice K’s.  Personally aside from the CLOT’s and Marok’s, the Dice K’s were my favorite within the 1World Pack.

Collectors frequently give the same regard to these beauties based on the variety of top tier materials.  Ponyhair covers the tip & toe-box, a leather wrapped midsole that sits above an orange outsole.  An amazing dragon scaled leather drapes the eyestay and foxing.  There is even a dragon logo that forms the number 18 on the heel of the shoe; the number Dice K donned while pitching for the Red Sox.  Premium at its finest to say the least for this pair.