I believe.

I have seen these shoes for years, and I have passed on them so many times.  It wasn’t till a friend from the UK picked up a pair and took some details shots that I started admiring the pair.  Not typically a fan of all-white shoes, but these in person are really fresh.  They were released  in 2002 as Nike’s Year of the Horse release.

It has this pearly upper and has an interior dressed by some sort of red satin.  This sits above a lacquered outsole and has “I Believe” embroidered on its heel as well as the face of Daruma.  For those who don’t know, Daruma is the shortened name of Bodhidharma.. a Buddhist Monk who is considered the father of Zen Buddhism.  A lot of nice details.  I’m glad I pulled the trigger on them finally, a great add to the collection.



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