Month: August 2015

Last Nights Choices. 

Summer is winding down, but trying to enjoy the last few weekends. My wife keeps telling me summer is until September 23rd. I still equate the end of the summer to a childhood memory… Once school is back in session, summer is over. Old habits die hard I suppose.

In any event. We had a couple of drinks enjoying the beautiful night. My wife opted for a Sapphire & Tonic which is my favorite spring/summer drink. 

I on the other hand was in the mood for something more warm & soul satisfying.  It was a toss up between Glenfiddich or Courvoisier, but opted for the Fiddich last night. 

It was a good night. 

Nutritional Values.

A few weeks back I worked with a fun nutritionist in the New York area.  She had some great recipes as well as some stylish preps.  Here are a couple of pictures I shot during our shoot.  There is something special and self-satisfying in doing food shoots!  Getting the right angles, using the right hues and capturing the elements… it just feels so right!