AF1 2006 Year of the Dog.

These are one of the renditions of the Year of the Dog that came out in 2006.  A lot more subtle than its Hyperstrike brother, but still boasts boldness that abides by Tibetan tradition.

The primary influence on this shoe was shaped around the Tibetan Mastiff.  The emblem of the foxing is to resemble the ancient breed.  Its colorful design on the backtabs is paying ode to Tibetan jewelry and garments.  Two-toned red upper fitted with a beautiful orange insole with a black collar trim.  Red stitching across the white mid and a red outsole.  The blue laces adds a nice touch as well.

I’ve worn this pair quite a lot and they still look great.  Very durable; in comparison to the Hyperstrike version which is already starting to yellow & has half the wears of this pair.



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