wu tang

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. 

20 years ago today Raekwon dropped one of the most epic albums in rap history.. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. I can remember that summer of ’95 like it was yesterday. I played this album over & over again, it was that captivating. 

It’s one of the few albums that you can listen straight thru without ever forwarding to the next trap. Between the slick verses, atomic beats and raw skits, it was perfection.  Rza produced the entire album and Ghostface had cameos on half of the tracks. I remember how much more improved Ghost was on this album; he knew he had to come correct. 

Criminology, Rainy Days, Glaciers Of Ice, Ice Cream, Wu-Gambinos, Verbal Intercourse, Heaven & Hell were some of my favorite tracks.  This album would still bury any of the current “stars” contribution to hiphop. 

“Can it be all so simple…”