Month: March 2014

AF1 Nordic Pack

Nordic Pack.  Style Number: 308038 431.  It was designed by Jeff Staple and released in 2006 and was the women’s version of the Nordic Pack.  There are a lot of nice details on this shoe, for me these were one step ahead of the men’s release.  Some ballistic nylons, merino wool, army olive swoosh and backtab, and a bright liner.  There are also silhouettes of skiers on the mid-panel.

It has the Nordic map captured on the insole and comes with two laces.  The rope laces looks great against the shoe.  Just picked these up recently.





Bespoke: Off The Cuff

About 5 weeks back I had met up with a friend at 21 Mercer that was in town to make a Bespoke.  My only plans were to go there to chill for a couple hours and see my friends design; so much for that.  Not sure who I was kidding because by the time my friend was done with his render, I was already holding materials in my hand planning my next move.

So here is my end product.. a Bespoke fittingly named “Off the Cuff”.  Grey canvas upper, sail midsole.  Binary bottom eyelets, laces and outsole with infrared pivots.  Blue vipera swoosh, backtab & heel strip.  Leather deubre with gold tipped aglets.  Cork insole and alce draping the liner and secondary swoosh.









Three Artists.. One Song.  Debuting: Frank Ocean x The Clash x Diplo – Hero.  This was sponsored by Converse Music, it also contains additional vocals from the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir.  The arrangement and production on this track is top notch, a lot of hints of dub & reggae within the undertone.