Long Overdue. been quite some time since I last put up a post.  Last few months have been real busy.  Traveling, working, shooting & of course sneaker hawking.  For this past New Year’s, I had gone to England & Paris for vacation.  Nike had just opened a new Bespoke Lab at the iconic 1948 in London., so I included that into my agenda.  I  would also be the first Yank to come to the London lab to do a Bespoke.

I’ve always been very fond of London.  I wanted to make a Bespoke that was reflective of England.  I thought of a few ideas, but when I thought about using the eye-catching London Black Cab as my inspiration.. I knew that was it.

Here is a quick article that Nice Kicks just did on my Bespoke “Black Cab”


bespoke: the gift.

The Gift.  This was an exclusive Bespoke made by 21 Mercer in 2011.  Only 12 pairs or so were made and 4 were given out via a twitter competition that poised some tricky questions.  The shoe has some incredible details and its hard to translate them in pictures.  Definitely a shoe that must be seen in person to give you the full effect.

The upper is draped with a dark denim with some nice contrast stitching. Cork backtab with a cork midsole sitting on top of a necessary gum outsole.  Even some red pivots on the outsole.  Suede swooshes and glove leather for the insole.  The liner is constructed of an almost foil material that gives you a feel of wrapping paper.  “Merry Christmas” is lasered all over the sock liner.  There is a “gift” embroidered on the heal of both shoes and “the gift” again is symbolized on the deubre.  The top eyelets have a gold color and it really ropes up the holiday themed shoe.

Safe to say, I am extremely pleased to have these in my collection.  A true gift.










Bespoke: Off The Cuff

About 5 weeks back I had met up with a friend at 21 Mercer that was in town to make a Bespoke.  My only plans were to go there to chill for a couple hours and see my friends design; so much for that.  Not sure who I was kidding because by the time my friend was done with his render, I was already holding materials in my hand planning my next move.

So here is my end product.. a Bespoke fittingly named “Off the Cuff”.  Grey canvas upper, sail midsole.  Binary bottom eyelets, laces and outsole with infrared pivots.  Blue vipera swoosh, backtab & heel strip.  Leather deubre with gold tipped aglets.  Cork insole and alce draping the liner and secondary swoosh.