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Bespoke: Off The Cuff

About 5 weeks back I had met up with a friend at 21 Mercer that was in town to make a Bespoke.  My only plans were to go there to chill for a couple hours and see my friends design; so much for that.  Not sure who I was kidding because by the time my friend was done with his render, I was already holding materials in my hand planning my next move.

So here is my end product.. a Bespoke fittingly named “Off the Cuff”.  Grey canvas upper, sail midsole.  Binary bottom eyelets, laces and outsole with infrared pivots.  Blue vipera swoosh, backtab & heel strip.  Leather deubre with gold tipped aglets.  Cork insole and alce draping the liner and secondary swoosh.








Bespoke: Libertad De La Segundo

I am not one that typically likes loud or busy patterns.  My personal choice is to typically go with earth tones… but when I walked into 21 Mercer and saw the various Liberty Prints, I knew I had to use one of them.  This particular shoe pays ode to two of my favorite rap groups.. De La Soul & A Tribe Called Quest.  Some folks loved this shoe, while others detailed their disdain.  I’ll update later with proper details.

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Bespoke: Scotch & Malbec

This was my first bespoke that I made at 21 Mercer in March 2013. I’ve always been into fashion/footwear, but it took me a long time to actually make the move to create something. From the time I walked into the lab, I knew I was hooked.  Materials include: brown twisted croc upper, sail midsole, gum outsole, cork swoosh, backtab, tongue, tongue tab & insole.  Estadio laces, top eyelets, leather sock liner and leather secondary swoosh.  Liberty print dresses the interior as well.


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