always remember.

So the other day I went to shoot One World Trade as well as the 9/11 tribute lights.  Naturally the day I chose to go, the tribute lights never went on.  I was heated.. I had a perfect spot/angle for my long exposures but the most important piece was missing.  I shot some miscellaneous pictures and called it a night.

On the way home, I kept telling my wife I had to come back and get these lights.  I was baffled as to why they weren’t on, just the night before they were on!  Maybe ConEd told them to turn it down?  Next day, the lights were back on.. what the ???

So tonight I went back and got my shots.  September 11th.  Prior to that Tuesday morning in 2001, it was just another day in September.  Its now forever etched in our memories.. sort of like what Pearl Harbor was to older Americans for generations.  I always think of how lucky I was that day…and simultaneously I always think of all the folks that weren’t lucky.  Sometimes it still feels like it was yesterday.  Never Forget.





Labor Day Weekend. 

Summer is finally coming to it’s last scene. I’m not sure where it went this year; I know it’s the same thing we say every year about the summer… But this particular one seemed to have been coasting at warp speed. 

Here’s how the weekend has been going down so far. Should be some pictures to add later tonight. 


Last Nights Choices. 

Summer is winding down, but trying to enjoy the last few weekends. My wife keeps telling me summer is until September 23rd. I still equate the end of the summer to a childhood memory… Once school is back in session, summer is over. Old habits die hard I suppose.

In any event. We had a couple of drinks enjoying the beautiful night. My wife opted for a Sapphire & Tonic which is my favorite spring/summer drink. 

I on the other hand was in the mood for something more warm & soul satisfying.  It was a toss up between Glenfiddich or Courvoisier, but opted for the Fiddich last night. 

It was a good night. 

Nutritional Values.

A few weeks back I worked with a fun nutritionist in the New York area.  She had some great recipes as well as some stylish preps.  Here are a couple of pictures I shot during our shoot.  There is something special and self-satisfying in doing food shoots!  Getting the right angles, using the right hues and capturing the elements… it just feels so right!