Xmas Explosion. 



Labor Day Weekend. 

Summer is finally coming to it’s last scene. I’m not sure where it went this year; I know it’s the same thing we say every year about the summer… But this particular one seemed to have been coasting at warp speed. 

Here’s how the weekend has been going down so far. Should be some pictures to add later tonight. 


Last Nights Choices. 

Summer is winding down, but trying to enjoy the last few weekends. My wife keeps telling me summer is until September 23rd. I still equate the end of the summer to a childhood memory… Once school is back in session, summer is over. Old habits die hard I suppose.

In any event. We had a couple of drinks enjoying the beautiful night. My wife opted for a Sapphire & Tonic which is my favorite spring/summer drink. 

I on the other hand was in the mood for something more warm & soul satisfying.  It was a toss up between Glenfiddich or Courvoisier, but opted for the Fiddich last night. 

It was a good night. 

sunday funday.

Today was a great day.  Took a lot of pictures, ate some good food, had a couple of drinks and most importantly, got to relax.  Tomorrow is a big day for me, so really needed to have a day like this.  A lot of great pictures to share which I’ll do thru-out this week.  For now, here are some pics from our relaxing Sunday at a Jersey City venue called Porta.


Gucci frames.. duh.


Sapphire & Tonic and some spicy, raspberry concoction who’s name I cannot remember.  It was real good.


I think she pretended to be busy so I wouldn’t take any pictures of her..


The Bill.  Time to go home.

Welcome To Miami!

So we went to Miami for a couple of days to celebrate our birthdays.  We stayed at the Mondrian which is located on West Ave. in South Beach.  We had gone there last year and really loved the service and the quaintness of the area.  The hotel is beautiful and really makes you feel like you’re on an island.

We came to know one of the managers really well and she took great care of us throughout our stay.  Upon arriving to our room.. we were blessed with some fine champagne and strawberries from our friend.  It was a really nice touch and shows how they value their patrons.  It was a great start to our vacation.