south beach

Welcome To Miami!

So we went to Miami for a couple of days to celebrate our birthdays.  We stayed at the Mondrian which is located on West Ave. in South Beach.  We had gone there last year and really loved the service and the quaintness of the area.  The hotel is beautiful and really makes you feel like you’re on an island.

We came to know one of the managers really well and she took great care of us throughout our stay.  Upon arriving to our room.. we were blessed with some fine champagne and strawberries from our friend.  It was a really nice touch and shows how they value their patrons.  It was a great start to our vacation.






Juvia Treats.

Finally made it to Juvia in South Beach.  We tried to make it last year, but reservations were booked solid.  We actually went there for my birthday which was a nice treat.


Cerviche Mix.  Fluke, octopus, red onion & crispy sweet potato.


Chilean Seabass. Maple glazed eggplants, hawaiian heart of palm basil soy butter.


Seared Tuna (sashimi grade) caramelized onion white soy, avocado heirloom tomato salad with jasmine rice.